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The Kaliningrad Oblast is the utmost western oblast of the Russian Federation completely separated from the mainland territory by land borders of foreign states and international sea waters.

The Kaliningrad oblast borders on Lithuania in the north and the east and the length of the border is 280.5 km, the Oblast’s border with Poland in the south is 231.98 km. In the west the Oblast is bounded by the 183-kilometer long coast of the Baltic Sea. The maximum extent of the Oblast from the east to the west is 205 km, and from the north to the south – 108 km. It is only 35 kilometers from Kaliningrad to the Polish border, and it is 70 km from the Oblast to Lithuania. The closest regional center of Russia – Pskov – is 800 km distant from Kaliningrad, and Moscow is 1289 km away from the Oblast.

The distances to most European capitals are relatively short: it is 350 km to Vilnius, 400 km to Warsaw, 600 km to Berlin, 650 km to Stockholm, 680 km to Copenhagen. The administrative center is the city of Kaliningrad (former Koenigsberg – established in 1255). The total area of the Kaliningrad Oblast is 15,100 km². It is one of the smallest regions in Russia, but as concerns the density of the population (63 people per a square kilometer), the Oblast ranks third among krais and oblasts and yields only to Krasnodar Krai and Tula Oblast. The longest rivers are the Pregolya (123 kilometers long) and the Neman that is 115 kilometers long (in the Oblast’s territory). The largest lake in the Oblast is Vishtynetskoye with the total area of 18 square kilometers. The maximum height above sea level is 242 m at the Vishtynets Elevation.

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