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941,500 people inhabit the Kaliningrad Oblast. The male population is 442,700, and the number of females living in the Oblast is 498,800.

The share of the urban population is 730,300, where 339,400 are men and 390,900 are women.

211,100 people live in rural areas of the Kaliningrad Oblast. The ratio of males and females is almost the same in this case: 103,300 to 107,800. The age distribution of the population is the following: able-bodied population is 63.6%, under able-bodied age is 15.0%, and above able-bodied age is 21.4%.

The Oblast’s population is multinational; there are representatives of 30 nationalities and peoples. Among them Russians are the largest in number (82.4%), Byelorussians (5.3%), Ukrainians (4.9%), Lithuanians (1.5%), Armenians (0.9%), Germans (0.9%), Tatars (0.5%), Poles (0.4%), Azerbaijanians (0.3%), Jews (0.2%), Mordvinians (0.2%), Chuvashes (0.2%), Gipsies (0.2%), Moldovians (0.1%), Georgians (0.1%), Latvians (0.1%).

In 2006, the Kaliningrad Oblast became one of the twelve pilot regions in Russia that is implementing the State program for rendering assistance to voluntary resettlement of compatriots living abroad.

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