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7 new residents of the SAR were registered in the Oktyabrsky Island in Kaliningrad

7 new residents of the SAR were registered in the Oktyabrsky Island in Kaliningrad
7 new residents of the Special Administrative Region were registered in the Oktyabrsky Island.

The exchange control regime is in operation in the territory of SAR, residents are given benefits including income tax exemption received in dividends.

7 foreign companies were entered on the Kaliningrad Region Development Corporation register of residents. The list includes «Trans Segtor Holdings Limited», «Samolus Investments Limited», «Prime Emerald Trading Limited», «Fenestraria Consultants Limited», «Langdale Holdings Limited», «Rasperia Trading Limited», «Ceratozamia Consultants Limited».

The first foreign resident of the Kaliningrad’s SAR «Adanimov Trading Limited» (holding activities) was registered on the 5th of February. Total number of registered residents rose to 8. Some applications are still being reviewed.
Numerous re-registration cases are received from companies incorporated in The British Virgin Islands. To expand the country list for re-registered actions The Kaliningrad Region Development Corporation has raised this issue with the Federal Center.

Resident benefits

Any foreign company can register in the SAR of the Russian Federation, moreover, their office and other facilities shall be located on the islands despite the Russian ones. They shall be operated as a limited liability company, an open joint-stock company or a private company limited by shares. Credit and non-credit financial organizations and Payment Systems Operators couldn’t fell outside the jurisdiction of the SAR law.
Other companies will receive a special status along with a registration in the State registry of legal persons in case of investment commitments made for the RF territory. The minimum value is 50 mRUR within 6 days of the registration.

For residents. Special tax regime gives: