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Kaliningrad region and FESCO will cooperate in logistics

 Kaliningrad region and FESCO will cooperate in logistics
The Kaliningrad region Government and Transport group FESCO («FESCO») came to an agreement in the field of transport and logistics development of infrastructure of the region.
Anton Alikhanov, Governor of the Kaliningrad region and Andrew Severilov, FESCO («FESCO») Company Board Chairman, signed a treaty to ensure the cooperation.

The Parties agreed to consider the opportunity of investment project realization in the Kaliningrad region. The item is to build the transport and logistics complex. Also FESCO in cooperation with educational organizations are going to launch educational logistics programs to form on-call list of the industry.

«We expect strengthening of our transport complex economy due to FESCO entering the Kaliningrad region. This cooperation will help to solve problems, established in the list of assignments of the Security Council of the Russian Federation and in the transport complex development «Road map» of the Kaliningrad region. We hope, FESCO will become an important participant of this work», – Anton Alikhanov said.

«The Kaliningrad region presents unique opportunities for launching the shortest transit communications interconnecting Russia with Western Europe», – Andrew Severilov pointed out.