«Ushakovo shipyards»

«Individual yacht according to your taste, desire and possibilities!»

Design and construction of yachts as well as passenger and commercial ships.

  • High quality asymmetrical
  • Further training of working personnel abroad
  • Application of management and production innovations
Establishment of an enterprise
Объем производства

  • 6 vessels for various purposes per year

Основные инструменты

SEZ conditions:
0% income tax
7.6% social contributions to the payroll fund

♦ Terms of STZ:
0% import duty

The company brings almost all equipment and materials from abroad, mainly from Holland and Germany

Планы на будущее

  • Eco-ferryconstruction

  • “Set quality standards in small shipbuilding and be an example of high-quality work” - CEO Victor Lider
Ushakovo Shipyards is the only Russian company operating according to European quality standards under the supervision ofDutch Marine Inspection;

The company sells 95% of its products on the Russian market, the rest of the products are delivered to European countries.